Mapping for Upper Course of Citarum River on Cinangsi Village, Cianjur

Indonesia’s now has been challenging for cleaning up the Citarum River. Citarum is mentioned as the dirtiest river in The World. The project called ‘Citarum Harum’, has been prepared for 7-years ambitious project to sanitize the stream and its surrounding areas. This project involves many entities such as Ministries, Bureaucrats, Army, Academics, Professional, Communities, etc. The president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, commits to achieving this noble purpose by monitoring the progress by himself periodically.

As one of entities who must be involved, ITB participates for Citarum Project River by doing accompaniment on one of upper areas of Citarum River. The area is located on Cinangsi Village, Cianjur District, West Java. Cinangsi is about 80km away and 3 hours driving from Bandung. The accompaniment is also a community service which has been stated on Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi as a mandatory foundation of university/higher education.

Image 1. Aerial view of Cinangsi Village, Cianjur District

As the participation for ITB on Citarum Harum, KK-INSIG contributes by its expertise approaches. On Sunday, 13 May 2018, we hold an aerial survey to provide a large scale map of Cinangsi Area. The team consists of 9 persons, Prof. Ketut Wikantika, Dr. Deni Suwardhi, Ir. Mipi Ananta Kusuma, Dirga Sumantri (Assistant Academic), Firman Gozali (Master’s student), Mr. Kaival & Mr. Iman (UAV Pilot), and car drivers.

Image 2. KK-INSIG team for Citarum Harum

Cinangsi has 600 hectares area. This area can be covered by only one UAV flight. First, we prepare and measure few pre-marks for Ground Control Points and Independent Control Points. Then, we create a flight plan and fly the UAV for photos collection. Finally, we obtain a set of overlapped photos to be processed for Orthophoto Map and Topographical Map. This large scale map will help other disciplines to provide a preliminary data.

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