Introduction of Micro-satellite Advantegous from Axel Space

From left, Dirga Sumantri, Osamu Kashimura, Kazuyo Hirose, Yoshitaro Ikeda, Ketut Wikantika


On 16 July 2018, a special guest comes from Japan introduce a new technology of microsatellite. They are Yoshitaro Ikeda, Axel Space; Kazuyo Hirose, Japan Space Systems; and Osamu Kashimura, Japan Space System.

About Axel Space and Microsatellite (retrieved from:

Introducing a novel way to observe our planet.

Until now, high-resolution satellite imagery has been a costly and low-frequency service. Thanks to the flexibility and the low costs of microsatellite technology, we are now able to generate
new value through global,
high-frequency coverage of the Earth.

Our AxelGlobe project will produce and accumulate quality imagery data of the whole world at the unprecedented rate of once per day

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