Nusantara 2019, Digital Heritage Documentation Tropical school

The tropical school is aimed to introduce to archaeologists and cultural heritage activists notions on image based (close range and drone photogrammetry) and range based technology (laser scanning) in 3D modelling and their applications and advantages.

Participants will receive:

Theoretical lectures (3D surveying, photogrammetry, laser scanning, etc.)
Practical work, in the field and in the lab with commercial and open source processing software
Basic notions in: surveying and data acquisition, data processing methods for 3D models and metric products’ generation

The event is co-organised by the 3D MODIS-RSGIS Research Group, ITB, Indonesia and the ICube-TRIO laboratory of the INSA Strasbourg, France. The workshop is one of the manifestations of a very close cooperation between the two respective institutions which started in 2013 and has generated several scientific publications as well as an exchange of students and researchers.

The event is also supported by Campus France, a governmental body of the French Republic in charge of the promotion of French higher education, and CIPA Heritage Documentation which is an international organisation under the joint-aegis of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

Benefitting from these supports, the tropical school will feature international experts on heritage documentation as speakers and tutors.

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