Guest Lecture: Dealing with Spatial Data for Forest Management

Today (30/3/2018), we are attended by a guest lecture Dr Cristina Vega-Garcia, M.Sc. Dr Cristina is currently active as an associate professor at Department of Agricultural and Forest Engineering, University of Lleida, Spain. The class is held at Institut Teknologi Bandung and occupied by students and lectures from Research Group of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Science (KK-INSIG).

As a forest scientist, Dr Cristina focuses on forest management and utilize Geographical Information System to analyse the landscape area. A new perspective had been found when Dr Cristina was a graduate student. She was challenged to use ArcInfo (GIS Platform) for her thesis project. She dealt with GIS and found that GIS platform can be used as a powerful tool to conduct her research for forest engineering.

Dr Cristina has concerned on land classification to understanding the vulnerability of the forest and cropland. Spain has a tremendous challenge to maintain the forest from fires. A spatial technology is really useful for assess the risk of the forest. Classification for biodiversity makes a wise decision in order to keep the forest undamaged.

Spatial data from many different techniques bring specific information. For instance, the satellite imagery can be used to observe the forest canopy. But, it is limited for land cover classification. The point cloud data from LIDAR can be used to separate the mono-culture and other types of forest. But, it is limited in a range of acquisition. A different method spatial data acquisition leads to different finding.

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