Guest Lecture: 3D Digital Heritage Documentation

Dear Folks,

The guest lecture from Prof. Pierre Grussenmeyer about 3D Digital Heritage Documentation. Retrieved from ,Pierre Grussenmeyer is Professor at the Department of civil engineering and surveying at INSA Strasbourg (France) and head of the Photogrammetry and Geomatics group since 1996 (member of the ICube UMR 7357 Laboratory in Strasbourg since 2013). His main research interests are close-range photogrammetry (civil engineering & metrology), architectural photogrammetry & laser scanning in connection with BIM, mobile mapping systems, integration and accuracy of data in 3D building models.

Prof. Pierre Grussenmeyer had an opportunity to give a lecture at ITB on

Date: Thursday May, 24 2018

Time : 13.00-15.00 WIB

Place: CRCS Building 7th Floor, ITB

For Registration please contact: Lissa +62 812 9710 004

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