Field Trip: Revealing Tongka Langit Banana in Galunggung Mount

On Friday, 4 May 2018, Few students and lecturera of division Land and Ocean Observation (LaOOS) –part of KK INSIG- visit to Galunggung Mount, Tasikmalaya. The team consist of 8 persons (Prof. Ketut Wikantika, Lissa Fajri (CRS), Dirga Sumantri (Academic Asisstant), 2 graduate student and 3 undergraduate students (Gede, Sonia, Dina)

Figure 1. Sonia, Dina, Nadia (left) and Prof. Ketut, Gede (right)

We depart from ITB at 7 am and go direct to Mount Galunggung. It takes 4-5 hours to arrive in Galunggung. From the car, we can see a picturesque view of green-yellow expanse of rice field. Mount Galunggung is an active volcano and the eruption could provide high-nutrition for the soil. Thus, Galunggung and its surround area contains fertile soil for agriculture area.


Figure 2. Aerial Photography by using drone to capture closer Tongka Langit  over the tree

The main objective from this trip is to determine the location for build a field laboratory in Galunggung Area. Prof. Ketut Wikantika plans to build a field laboratory to implement the technologies for agriculture. ITB will build a laboratory in 0.1 hectare area.


Figure 3. Tongka langit Banana

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